Songs of the Week #2

Love Is a Beautiful Thing by Theo Katzman #

There are actually three versions of this song that I wholeheartedly recommend:

If by Kat Edmonson from “Old Fashioned Gal” #

This is is a beautiful track that should’ve made it in last last week’s list. I discovered it while watching Russian Doll, and what struck me right off the bat is The Ink Spots’s leitmotif. I’ve been a huge Ink Spots fan ever since my introduction to Address Unknown through Better Call Saul, and hearing that opening gave me goosebumps.

Kat Edmonson has her patented style of music that she calls “vintage pop”, and it’s esentially exactly what it sounds like. What’s amusing is that the first time I heard this song (and when Shazam brought up the covert art), I actually googled to see whether The Ink Spots had been influenced by Kat Edmonson.

The lyrics are sublime, and I may be wrong about this but there are hints of yodeling at some of the higher notes.

What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes #

No idea how this ended up in my library but I’m sure I’ve heard it multiple times before. The lead vocalist has an extremely powerful voice.

Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones #

It’s Norah Jones… what is there to say? Her voice has this soft, sexy, smokey, silky smooth… quality that I can’t quite describe. German readers, here is your chance to shine :p

Bojack Horseman by Doyoulikedriving from “Eddie’s Psychedelic Divorce” #

Accidental find. Was searching for “BoJack Horseman” in hopes of discovering the soundtrack for Season 5 (which still isn’t out to my great dismay). Now I don’t usually click on these songs/albums, because they’re usually clickbait cashing on the fame of others, but this was interesting.

Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole #

A gentle, positive cover of Over the Rainbow.


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